Psychological Eating


Food is a key element of our life. All the hustle in our life is for the food. But do you know that we crave food according to our mood swings? The hormones are quite responsible for these cravings.

Many people don’t have an idea about it. When a person feels lonely a void is formed for that very moment and to fill that void we seek food to fill the void temporarily.

Usually, people after psychological eating feel a bit guilty that they don’t feel during normal eating. Psychological eating is the first and the most relevant way to get an answer to the question, what is a person going through these days?

Normally people eat a meal according to their physical needs and it is developed very slowly. Whereas, a person who needs food emotionally has very abrupt food habits.

Psychological eating is seen in both males and females. But the females are quite vulnerable to psychological eating. You can also have a self-observation whether you are experiencing normal eating or psychological eating.

If you are having psychological eating then you might eat out of your capacity, more sweet cravings, and don’t feel full even after eating. If you find these symptoms then you need to get alert.

These emotional eating’s are results in many health issues like weight gain, anxiety, hypertension, depression, and many more.

You need assistance in these circumstances that would help you overcome these issues. In this phase of life, you need a listener; with whom you can pour your heart out. You need a plan to regulate your food habits and get out of it with new hope, full of energy.

If you are facing some emotional turmoil in your life be it a heartbreak or anger or anything which triggers you to eat divert yourself, meet a friend, go for a run, pen it down or do your hobby but avoid eating at that very moment.

These psychological eating problems won’t get resolved by sitting before TV and hoping something magical to happen. Go and bring magic to yourself because “Your body is the only HOME you have“.

If anyone around you is suffering from Psychological Eating then we need to consult a doctor otherwise it will become a big problem in your later life.

Stress is part of everyone’s life but, losing your precious moment and critical thinking is a huge loss!


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