About Me

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Hi, I Am Divya Diwaker

I am a practicing Nutritionist since 2009. I have done my master's in food and nutrition and Post Graduate Diploma in nutrition and dietetics. I am also a certified diabetes educator. I believe that by eating right and following a healthy life style one can keep away many disease. It's not just about weight loss or looking thin, it's all about how healthy and fit a person is  I believe clean eating and an active lifestyle would keep all the diseases and age-related problems away.

Love yourself and the world will love you back.

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What I do for Healthy Nutrition?

A healthy nutrition is a foundation for a healthy future.. eating healthy or eating clean is very important and nutrifitheath studio will help you to keep healthy and the saying goes “Health is wealth .“

  • Develops healthy meal and easy to follow meal plans

  • Work according to clients requirement

  • Monitors clients progress regularly