Nutrition Programs

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Pre and Post Natal Nutrition

Pregnancy and Motherhood is a very important phase of a woman's life journey. A woman goes through lots of physical and biochemical changes during pregnancy and lactation. Right nutrition will help a new mother sail smoothly through the nine months and also post childbirth.


Kids Nutrition

Just like any new building should be constructed with a strong foundation for a long and sturdy future, in a same way a healthy childhood makes a way for a healthy adult life. Nutrition plays a important role in a child’s health right from its conception, balanced diet followed from start will a child to grow into a healthy adult.

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Food Intolerances

Food intolerance / food allergy is when a person is not able to digest some particular food. It can be due to some illness or genetic or because of environmental factor, gluten disease, lactose intolerance are few common food intolerance diseases seen.


Weight Management

With increasing stress, work pressure and reduced physical activity obesity is slowly becoming a pandemic. Overweight/obesity leads to multiple problems like cancer, hormonal imbalances, mental disorders, anxiety and low self esteem. We will help you to shed off the extra weight and make you fitter and healthier with our easy to follow diet plans.