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Nutritionist and certified diabetic educator..
It's all about eating right and living right..
Believes in healing through nutrition

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It's Not How Much You Eat, It's What You Eat!!
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15 Years of Experience as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.

Hi I am divya diwaker , a nutritionist by profession, I believe in healing through food and if you follow a healthy lifestyle and diet you don’t need medicine ! Dealt with patients suffering from diabetes , PCOS, overweight , hypothyroid and hyperthyroidism, childhood obesity, pre and post natal nutrition !!


What I Offer for a Healthy Lifestyle?

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Nutrition Coaching

Right way to clean eating

Lose Weight

Understanding your metabolism & Body type

Cooking Resources

Healthy recipe ideas for healthier life.

Pregnancy Nutrition

Right way to eat pre and post pregnancy

Kids Nutrition

Healthy & Tasty recipes for kids nutrition.

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Lost 10 kgs in a year and it could happen only coz of Divya. Thank you Girl.

Pallavi Pathak



Lost weight and gain good health by easy and simple tips from Nutrifit health studio.

Sheetal Gupta

House Wife


Had gain weight due to hectic schedule, Divya helped me to shred those extra weight.


Medical Representative

Health & Nutrition Articles

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Immunity and Covid -19

The world today is facing a global pandemic – covid 19 or Corona virus, as declared by WHO.  


The Thin Fat Indian

It is our general conception that the person who looks thin and is not overweight, he is considered as fit and healthy. 

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Hypothyroid and diet

It is estimated that around 32% of Indian population suffers from thyroid disease. Unintended weight gain, weight loss..

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