Diet and Brain Health


Life is affected by us and we are affected by life whereas during this whole journey our brain acts as an engine. Yet we fuel our engine carelessly. The brain needs a highly efficient fuel that is food which needs to be taken carefully otherwise it will lead to various problems.

It is being speculated that food which contains minerals, vitamins, and main antioxidants is very beneficial for our body. A diet that contains a lot of refined sugars and saturated fats can lead to various health issues.

You need to check that how your body reacts after having a particular food. It is not for just one day but, you need to keep a check for like two to three days after having it. Its after-effects will tell you what is wrong with that food?

Our body is very complex, it consists of organs, capillaries, blood, tissue, and bacteria. It’s not that every bacterium in our gut is highly dangerous many bacteria’s play a key role. The food we intake is broken down and digested in our bodies.

Yet, the story doesn’t end over there. The story actually, takes a twist at that point. The food reaches our other body parts; if any of the areas are affected then the whole transportation will get affected.

This will eventually affect our brain function. It has also been discovered by scientists that the dietary factor influences neural functions and synaptic plasticity whereas it also affects our cognitive ability.

Our food not only affects us physically but also affects us mentally. Food impacts every aspect and phase of our life. Thus, every time we take a meal, we need an inspection, and question ourselves that is it good for health?

It has been witnessed that the “traditional diet” is very beneficial for our mental health. The traditional diet contains lots of vegetables, fruits, and grains which are very good for our health. If you still don’t believe this context, do try it once on your own.

Have a clean diet which contains lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grain and cereals, water and don’t forget to skip the junk and oily food you will witness a remarkable change in your body and slowly bring them back one by one in your food.

You will observe that how it affected your body?

Eat to fuel your body not to feed your emotions, rest we are here to help you.


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