Fiber and Diet

A healthy and fit lifestyle is a need of an hour. Fitness is not just competing with someone else; it’s about being better than you used to be. Still, many people neglect fibers in their diet without knowing their importance.

Fiber is a carbohydrate that is not digested by our gut.

It is classified based on the solubility in water.

Insoluble fiber act as bulking agents, adding content to your stool.

In contrast, certain types of soluble fiber can significantly affect health and metabolism as well as your weight.

When a fiber enters our alimentary canal, it remains undigested even though it reaches the large intestines. These fibers are beneficial to some of the gut microbiome, which is essential for good health.

Still, a confusion exists that says, eating extra fiber is  beneficial in losing weight???


But it is a myth, not every fiber affects the weight of our body.

A highly viscous fiber would help you to lose weight as they provide increased fullness, reduced appetite, and automatic weight loss.

Fibers with low viscosity have neutral effects on our weight.

Some people also mistook the suggestion whereas some because of their busy schedule started having Fiber Supplements. But it has been witnessed that Fiber Supplements are ineffective for weight loss – except glucomannan and pysillium husk.

However, fixing over the fiber diet which contains fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, oatmeal’s would prove more significant in weight loss than eating Fiber Supplements.

Plant foods have a large number of fibers which mainly have viscous, soluble fiber. Doctors also suggest that if you having a Fiber Diet then it would be beneficial if your intake the whole fruit instead of the fruit juice. Also increase your water intake to avoid constipation as lower water intake wont help the fiber to move through intestine.

Now, many people would have a question in their mind which says, how fibers help us to lose weight?

Fiber is not digested by our digestive system only gut microbes act on them and convert them to useful products. Thus, the undigested form of fibers gives a feel of being full and helps us to cut down on our calories. Which ultimately leads to weight loss.

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